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Blood Multiplayer by modem game

Post by cristos » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:09 am

Hello, first of all thanks to all that make possible to play Blood again, Blood is really the best game ever and thank to your guides is possible to play it again, but I have one problem. single player runs ok but when I want to play Blood by modem with a friend at the moment of the connection we get the following message:

src\sound.cpp(516): Playback failed, possibly due to an invalid or conflicting IRQ.

any solution?? thanks for the Build on XP "there´s no place like home"

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Post by Lord Molder » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:53 pm

Hi cristos,
i have never had the pleasure of playing Blood via modem...but i unearthed the following from the bowels of the internet....not sure if any of it helps though.

# Blood version .99c net and modem play is not compatible with previous versions of Blood. This is due to significant compression and reduction in the overall size of transmitted packets. Blood version .99c saved games and demos are not compatible with previous versions of Blood

Modem Problems

Your modem must be able to be used in DOS mode. Some modems out right now can only be used while in Windows. These modems are called Win-modems. If you have a Win-modem, you will not be able to use your modem with Blood.

If you have a DOS modem, make sure that your modem is not using an IRQ of 9 or higher. Blood cannot support those higher IRQ's. You may need to change the IRQ setting on your modem if you have a high IRQ.

Choose to use a Hayes compatible modem and then make sure you're connecting at the 9600 baud setting and that error compression, data compression and flow control are turned off. Also, use the default AT&F1 initialization string for your modem.

Lastly, we have a new 1.11 patch available now! The 1.11 patch solves a lot of multi-player and network-related issues. Download the new patch at our web site to solve your problem. Read the PATCH.TXT file on our web site for a full listing of what the patch fixes. Make sure that all computers used have the same version of the game! Also, keep in mind that applying a patch to Blood will destroy your saved games and you'll have to start over from the beginning. Keep checking our web site for the latest!

Possible Workaround from Dman, What I did, since I have 98SE, was to set up a Dial-Up Server connection, under Dial-Up Networking. I think you can have Dial-Up Server in Win95x if you have PLUS installed. Go to "Network" under Control Panel, and add the IPX/SPX protocol and bind it to the Dial-Up Adapter. Then in the IPX/SPX protocol properties, chang the Frame Type to 802.3. The other network components that were added was Client for Microsoft Networks, and File and Print sharing.

After that, have the other user(s) set up a Dial-Up Networking connection on their end. Just in case, make it so that your Workgroup name was the same. After that, when you dial out for the first time, just enter anything for User Name, and leave the Password blank.

Set up as the server and wait for the call. When you connect, go to Find Computer under the Start Menu, and the other computer name should there. Now, you both need to go to the Blood Setup, and selected the Network Game, then launch the game.
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