Making the movies work

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Making the movies work

Post by Guest » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:34 pm

when i click on the blood movies installation setup i get an error saying
that "blood was not installed using our windows installer". I know I have
to copy the movies into the game directory and edit the blood ini file
somehow, or so i read somewhere, but i don't know how should i do that.
could someone help me please.

btw, i'm using windows xp home edition with sp2 and the game installed and
is running perfectly without using the XP built solution. Odd...


Re: Making the movies work

Post by Guest » Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:35 am

You have to edit the blood.ini file and change the paths to where the movie files are:

; source path will be set by the installation process
SourceDir=X: < ---- change here.

; location of movies was set at install
CutSceneA=X:\Movie\cs1.smk <--- change here
CutWavA=X:\movie\cs1822m.wav <---- change here
CutSceneB=X:\movie\cs2.smk <----- change here
CutWavB=X:\movie\cs2822m.wav <---- change here, do this for all lines in the blood.ini file that point to a path for movie files....
Title = The Way of All Flesh
Map1 = e1m1
Map2 = e1m2
Map3 = e1m3
Map4 = e1m4
Map5 = e1m5
Map6 = e1m6
Map7 = e1m7
Map8 = e1m8

I copied all of the movie files off of the blood cd onto my hard drive e:\oublood\ouwblood, and then mounted that
folder as a drive in dosbox and assigned it the drive letter 'X", I changed the paths in the ini file to this location, and
the movies play back fine! If you want music playback too, use alcohol 120 and create a blood cd image with it and
then mount it in alcohol, it works fine on my system. So between dosbox (svn version), and alcohol 120, I can play
blood fine on my system!

System specs:
WindowsXP 64-bit
Amd Athlon 3000+ 64 bit
3-gigs DDR-400 ram
Nforce4 Chipset (and on board audio)
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 320 megs of ram.

Note: I compiled the svn version of dosbox in 64-bit mode.

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