One Unit Whole Blood - Easy VDMSound Installer/Launcher

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One Unit Whole Blood - Easy VDMSound Installer/Launcher

Post by ssjlance » Sat May 17, 2014 8:59 pm

Hello, all. I've had a boring day so I decided I'd write an installer and batch script launcher for Blood. Only for Blood since Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior both have plenty of ways to play them without VDMSound. Just download the zip file, place your ISO or BIN/CUE rip of Blood in the extracted BloodXP folder, and run INSTALL.BAT. There are instructions in the README.txt file, including how to install from a physical CD if you'd rather go that route.

The launcher included (BLOOD.BAT) is just a simple batch script with a menu for launching Blood, Cryptic Passage, Setup, and Multiplayer games. Has options for flags to automatically apply to Blood.exe. By default, only -QUICK is enabled. I recommend -NOAIM, personally.

Comes set up with VDMSound, CLI2NOP, SB!Live Fix, BMOUSE, NOLFB, Commit v1.4, CPMULTI.exe for multiplayer Cryptic Passage, and a pre-compiled AutoHotKey script that binds the mousewheel to keyboard up and down so it can be used in game. Also includes DOSBox just for the sake of easier installation from ISO or BIN/CUE.

I'd love to hear any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions on it. I made it mostly for myself to use, but I figured I'd share it with anyone that might get some use out of it. It's only been tested with Windows XP, so I have no idea if it works on Vista, 7, or 8. If you're in a guinea pig sort of mood, let me know how it goes. :P

Get it here - ... BloodXP.7z

EDIT: Uploaded a slightly revised version. No major changes, just included a BLOOD.CFG that has sound working by default, as well as adding menus to the launcher for Editing (MAPEDIT and EDITART) and for launching Blood with added parameters (i.e. -ini MODNAME.ini). Everything in BLOOD.CFG is set to default except for the sound, which is set to SoundBlaster and General MIDI.

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