Getting cutscenes to work

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Getting cutscenes to work

Post by Ballystix » Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:14 am

Hello, i've found away to get cutscenes working.

Download the latest blood patch 1.11, if you read the readme one of the changes include cutscenes support in DOS.

Now apply the "getting blood to work in xp" guide AFTER you apply the patch, run the shortcut without the extensions to enable movies.

If you installed the game through abandonware, you may need to change some things in your blood.ini file so that the cutscenes will point to the right directory, all cutscenes should be in blood\movies.

If you dont feel like changing all the paths and your game is not stored in c:\blood , simply move the movies folder into c:\blood , which is what i did. (so basiclly movies will be acessed in an entirely different directory not in the same location of the actual game)

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