My Experience - Easy Fix if Nothing Works.

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My Experience - Easy Fix if Nothing Works.

Post by RockyRaccoon » Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:19 am

Hey guys, I'm just here sharing my Experience with getting BLOOD to work on my Windows XP Sp2 Laptop.

I could get the sound to work, but never could get the video to work in vesa modes, no matter if I tried NOLFB or not. and doing the entire tutorial on BuildXP only made the sound work better, So I waas either stuck to crappy 320 - 240 non VESA, or nothing before.

I even tried the VGAFIX, and still, nothing, all it did was maake my screenn garble up, so it was something, just, still not evenn playable.

Well, it occured to me to check out my video drivers. (I have a ATI Rage Mobility AGP x2) they were the crappy ones that came with Windows XP which were made in 2001. Well, I checked online... more recent Drivers existed that were just onneee more year older, but I went ahead and got them.

Low and Behold, it worked, and I can get Blood working in any resoultion with NOLFB now.

So, the moral is, if nothing seems to work, update your video drivers. That maay just be the problem!

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