Finally got Network games to work...

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Finally got Network games to work...

Post by Ballystix » Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:08 am

After some tinkering around i managed to solve my blood networking problems.

My current network setup right now is Computer A gives Computer B internet access through a shared connection option. So under "Network Connections", there are two icons, one for computer A's connection to the internet, and computer B's connection to computer A (for shared internet access).

While trying to start a Blood Network game going, Computer A would, for some reason, detect a total of 3 players, when really it should of been 2 ( 2 computesr, Comp A and Comp B). For since it detected 3 players, the game would never start, and would wait for this 3rd imaginary player.

So after tinkering around, i realized that the number of players to Blood waited is equal to the number of connections in your "Network Connections" folder PLUS one, including yourself. So i disabled my internet connection, so that it was just 1 connection active, betwen Comp A and Comp B. This did the trick.. no more imaginary players.

To verify this further, i created a bunch of 4 phony connections in the "Network Conections" folder, then ran blood network. When running Setup->Network games, the game would wait for 5 players to join...

So now Blood multiplayer works fine for me, except for the fact that i must disable my internet connection, which is no big deal at all for me.

I hope this discovery will help others having similar problems.

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