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Dosbox help

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:45 am
by Mr.Dark
im a bit green with DOSBOX but anyways i need some help. bad. I recently got Dosbox and ive gotten my Duke Nukem 3D v1.3 to work as well as Shadow Warrior. The problem ive got on my hands is i want to add the Plutonium Pack to my Duke 3D but i can't get it to work. The patch always fails for some reason and i end up having to reinstall the game via dosbox. I have the Duke 3D full CD as well as the Plutonium Pak CD. Not the atomic CD. I try to install the Plutonium Pak but it says the patching has failed and to remove all duke3d files from my pc. reinstall the game and reinstall the patch. If anyone can help with this i'd greatly appreciate it. Not sure if this changes things or not but im not using the "eduke" or whatever it is. Thanks in advance
Update: i got the patch to show but it isnt recognizing the drive ive got the Duke3d game in and its reading "Duke Nukem 3d Main Execute File Not Found". Im using the ppack15 from the 3drealms site. should i be using the dosbox for the ppack15? and if so how do i use it? i cant execute it under dosbox even though its in my duke3d folder along with the game files